BBQ Buying Guide

High-rise apartment living

The Bugg or the 3 burner BeefEater barbeque would be an ideal choice for those living in an apartment and have an outdoor balcony for entertaining. These barbeques will fit in perfectly in the constricted spaces and still leave you plenty of room to entertain your guests.

The Bugg being light weight can be unhooked from the trolley and stored indoors for security purposes.

On the move

Your next Safari, picnic or adventure trip will never be the same again with the Bugg by your side. You will wonder how you ever survived on all your other trips without it?

The Bugg is an all-purpose barbeque and it will amaze you with its powerful burners producing 19000 BTU (20MJ/HR) from 2 stainless steel burners.

This barbeque is the ideal, “must have”, for all your boating, fishing or camping trips.


If you live in a house with a backyard or a few acres…you probably should consider the 3 burner, 4 burner or higher specification barbeque. The extra room on the barbeque means you can cook more in less time. If you entertain on a regular basis and a larger crowd than you should opt for the 4 burner with a side burner option.

Coastal Living

If you reside in coastal towns and especially beside the sea, you ought to consider the Signature Series Stainless Steel range. This will give you extra protection from corrosion by the salt water.

Side burner

Why not prepare some ugali on the side to go with the meat on the barbeque?

The side burner is always an ideal option saving you the trouble of running from your meat on the barbeque to turn the ugali in the kitchen! Now you can cook all your food outdoors without breaking a sweat.

Built In or Standalone

This would be up to individual choice. Built in barbecues are suited for houses with enough space in the backyard to build a kitchen setting. With Barbeques Today BeefEater built in kitchen range you can design your own outdoor kitchen and with ease. You start with a barbecue and build an entire kitchen around it as you go. You can keep perfecting your outdoor setting as your needs change; add a bar setting, storage units or a sink all this you can do without having to re-do your entire outdoor kitchen.

A standalone barbecue is a mobile barbecue that can be wheeled to any corner of your backyard and can be easily transported if need be. These are just some of the great features of our standalone range.