Kamado 24″ UW09-04


Kamado is a Japanese word for wood or charcoal fired grill/stove has a 3000 year old history that has roots in Korea. A versatile grill that can be used for grilling, roasting, baking and smoking. Modern Kamado’s are constructed of high-fire ceramic and steel that make them more robust and retain heat for long periods making them efficient and economical. The Kamado is used widely around world as it doesn’t do one thing properly, but all of them. Whether it be a quick grilling session at high temperature or a 12hr smoking session at low and slow, the Kamado will handle both of this tasks superbly well. To top it all off, it is available in multiple sizes and is very easy to use while you take a seat and sip a few cold ones.

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Material : Ceramic + Iron
Colour  : Black
Suitable for (How many people) 6-10+ person
Suitable for ( environment) Outdoor and Balcony
Body Thickness: 20(mm)
Cooking Area : 520(mm²)
Body Height : 680 (mm)
Outside Diameter : 610(mm)
N.W. /G.W. : 100 -118 Kgs
Package : Kraft carton with Pallet, 69.5X90.7X88.7(cm)
Features of ceramics grill kamado:
1.Iron powder coated Hoop and Shelf Bracket & trolley
2. Tremendous heat storage capability
3. With the air-tight lid, Smoke with very little fuel, reach temperatures between 50 ° and 800 ° F
4. The dome shape creates a Warm smog with vent holes
5. A thermometer on the lid always shows the temperature inside, thus facilitating the heat control
6. Self-cleaning



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Weight 118 kg


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