Nyama Choma

Nyama choma is a favourite dish amongst all Kenyans. This is basically grilled meat that is usually accompanied or complimented with ugali or chapatis. This dish is mostly suffered in bars where men and women would enjoy a filling meal whilst drinking and socializing. The dish can be either cooked non-marinated which is the traditional and most popular method or you can choose to marinate the meat first.

What you need:

1) Any type of meat but most popularly goat or sheep are used. You may use chicken or Beef as well.

2) Salt

3) Lemons (cut into halves) - This is optional

4) Olive Oil

5) Marinade spices

6) A BeefEater Grill with hot plate and warming rack (optional).

Grilling process:

Fire up your BeefEater barbecue and let the grill heat up for a min or 2 until hot. Spray some olive oil directly onto meat as this will prevent it sticking to the hot grill and also give it a nice brown texture. Make sure to turn down the heat to low. Slowing cooking the meat is the best process as this ensures that the meat is cooked from inside out and not they other way round. Cooking on high heat will char the meat on the outside and leave the inside uncooked.

Once you have put all your meat on the barbecue, turn it once so that you start the cooking process on both side of the meat. Turn the heat down and close the hood.

Keep checking on the meat every couple of minutes and put long but not too deep cuts into your meat. This will ensure that the heat penetrates through the cuts and you can tell if the inside is cooked.

Now squeeze the lemon juice directly on the meat as you turn the meat. This will give it a nice tangy flavour.

Cook the meat to your choice - Rare, Medium-to-Rare, Medium or Well-Done.

Once done serve on a chopping board and cut up bite size pieces and sprinkle some salt on the side. Or serve on a plate and garnish with salt and coriander. You can serve with Ugali or Chapatis together with Sukuma Wiki (spinach).